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Growler Fills Today!

REMINDER! Growler fills today from 11 – 1 (sorry, no pints). Our magnificent customers HAMMERED us this weekend, and we are down to:

Southside Amber Lager
Sticky Fingers Honey Blonde
Bitter Skull Double IPA (last keg)
Saturday at 7 Saison (last keg)
Jake’s Malt Lemonade
Lotta Sap IPA

We are out of PetSkull growlers, but do have a couple of plain glass ones left if you need one. Gift certificates available as well!

Normal Hours This Weekend

To confirm, PetSkull Brewing WILL hold regular hours this Christmas weekend:

Thursday 4 – 8
Friday 3 – 9
Saturday 2 – 9

ALSO – we are going to be open on Sunday from 11 – 1 for growler fills! Need to spend time with family and have no idea how you’re going to get through it? A full growler will help!