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April 26th Brewery Update

Taproom opens today at 4:00!

No new beers today, but tomorrow (Friday) we will be premiering our “Got Coconut? Milk Stout”! We put toasted coconut in the mash…we put toasted coconut in the boil….we put toasted coconut in the fermenter….AND we run our kegs right through toasted coconut on the way to your glass. You can’t get more coconut than that! That’s coming up tomorrow! Keep your eyes open for a video exclusive….

Other Upcoming Beers:
Thursday, May 3rd – Peach Saison
Saturday, May 5th – Mai Bock (tapping event at 3:00pm! Be on the lookout for more info)
Thursday, May 10th – Belgian Tripel IPA

Current beers, as always, are at

See you this weekend….CHEERS!

Update For Thursday April 19th

Tap room open today at 4:00!

We’re rockin’ the full allotment of beers for the weekend. Don’t forget, these beers are brewed FRESH and ON SITE right in our brewery! Full list of beers can be viewed at

Remember, we are BYOF (Bring Your Own Food Friendly). Great restaurants in Manitowoc – consider bringing something in or having something delivered!

We’ve got some new beers coming on in the next couple of weeks, including:

– Coconut Milk Stout
– Peach Saison
– Mai Bock

Hope to see you sometime this weekend…..CHEERS!

Southside Amber Lager Returns!

The Southside Amber Lager returns to the taproom today! It’s been a while, and we’re excited to have it back! As a shoutout to our Southside roots, the Southside Amber has a medium color with a nice malt and hop balance, with a clean and smooth finish….and at 5.4%, this beer is an easy drinker. South 18th street in the house!

As always, current beer list is at

See you this weekend!


Kooler by the Kolsch!

New beer on tap! Since we ran out of The Field Cream Ale last week, anybody looking for a lighter beer got a sneak peek of our new Kooler by the Kolsch!

This German-style Kolsch is super clean, crisp, and refreshing. Slight malt sweetness, low bitterness, with some very slight fruitiness. If you liked our Field Cream Ale, you’ll like this German-Style Kolsch!

Don’t forget we are BYOB (Bring Your Own Food Friendly)! Great restaurants all around us! Pick something up on your way to the taproom.

See you this weekend!